Located in downtown Juneau, Alaska, Ashtanga Yoga Juneau was established in 2008 to foster the growth of Ashtanga yoga as a serious practice for students while also uniting the Ashtanga yoga community in Juneau.

Raven Yoga Shala offers a dynamic environment where both the teacher and the student contribute to the process of learning.  We strive to construct our classes as the Vinyasa method, the core of Ashtanga yoga.  In the face of ever shifting currents and trends of western contemporary society, we attempt at Raven Yoga Shala to preserve an authentic Ashtanga practice, blending essential aspects of the traditions integrating strength, alignment and compassion with a focused mind and open heart resulting in physical and spiritual transformation..

Raven Yoga Shala teachers are dedicated to seeing each individual develop their practice. All our teachers have been certified to teach yoga and demonstrate the qualifications necessary to be registered with the Yoga Alliance at the highest teaching standard. This means they have completed comprehensive training in techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, ethics and lifestyle. Not only do our teachers teach students, they are dedicated students themselves and have a personal practice that includes hours of dedication. They understand what it is like to be a student and will assist you in your journey towards a rewarding and fulfilling Raven Yoga Shala practice.

A Breath of Love takes you all the way to Infinity -Rumi

Who teaches?
Stephanie Quigley  * owner, Ashtanga Yogi and teacher

Amah Curry * Bellyfit, Holy Rhythm, gardener and mother of Pema

Courtney Nelson * Charter School childrens yoga teacher