YOGAPOLITAN   A class dedicated to the student with a busy schedule…those needing time from the work, shopping or a break from the children.  Yogapolitan meets Monday thru Thursday at noon for about 1 hour.  The pace of the class will vary from day to day with  time for rest at the end of each session.  Modifications are always presented to the practitioner if needed.  This class is for the moderate beginner thru the advanced student.  A perfect class for a student to advance their confidence, strength and agility. 

MASALASANA  Masala” is the Hindi word meaning “spicy blend.” Masala Yoga is a versatile and creative blend of Ashtanga yoga series 1-4. integrating strength, fluidity, alignment, breath, and meditation, for a complete and absorbing mind/body/spirit experience. Expressive yoga class with an ebullient teacher that will whirl your inner fire! Classes are dynamic as well as intelligent and meditative. This class is unique and is only offered to the seasoned (intermediate/advanced) practioner.  Monday night, 5:30 – 6:40pm and then create your own or traditional closing sequence to rest. Finish time is no later than 7 pm.  Student must be able to push up into a straight arm backbend and handstands

ASHTANGA QUEST  More than the predictable Vinyasa flow class, this class will excite the student with a challenging mix of poses from the 1st thru 4th Ashtanga series.   Enjoy this energetic class with modifications or rest when necessary.  By moving frequently thru this specialized class, the student will develop strength and confidence to further his personal exploration of Ashtanga yoga.  The poses are coordinated with the breath and linked with a sun salutation-like sequence to build strength, endurance and mental focus.  This class gives us a chance to explore esoteric poses. Advanced class, primary series practice requirement, expect a serious workout! 

PRIMARY SERIES The full primary or intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga.  This is a guided class and modifications are presented so seasoned practitioners and newer students alike can enjoy learning and exploring the 1st series. However, it is not suitable for beginners; students should be proficient with sun salutations as well as the closing sequence.  There are many poses in the series whose full expressions requires years of effort for most practitioners.  The ASHTANGA  student learns to explore his body from the inside where the movements are manifested. This practice is a moving mediations.  99% PRACTICE  1% THEORY 

POWER OF PARTNERS A class full of sharing and new challenges. Introducing partner stretches, adjustments and balancing poses that will awaken the joy and connection with the self and one another while releasing stress and increasing flexibility. focus, strength and balance. During power of partner yoga practice challenges arise and we often experience emotions and internal conflicts. As partners work together, supporting one another, a context is created for examining larger principles of our human nature in relationship. This four week series will take a holistic approach to some partner and basic acro yoga with balancing and inversions. Participants will work individually, in pairs and in groups under instructor guidance to explore various partner balances and stretches. Emphasis will be placed on alignment, bone-stacking breath and communication. Each class will build on the skills and trust nurtured in the previous session. Participants will be guided through a series of postures with each week becoming more complex. Weeks 3 and 4 are an introduction to basic acro-yoga classes.

ORGANIC VINYASA  Here you will find intelligent yoga sequencing. Vinyasa Yoga with NO Boundaries.  A great workout and peaceful break from your busy day with dynamic and unique movement.  Organic Vinyasa follows the breath, the teachers connection to the class and weaving postures together.  Never the same class, since there is no systematized method of teaching, prepare for the element of surprise as postures range from challenging and powerful to subtle and poetic.  Required primary and 2nd series practice or ADVANCE permission from the teacher ( you will need a strong yoga practice, no exceptions).

YOGA WITH BREATH MOVEMENT and SOUND  A safe, gentle approach to yoga considering the needs of the students, using the tools of breath, movement and sound.  This class will combine moving in and out of simple postures, using the breath to determine the holding of postures.  Proper sequencing and counterposes are used to create a balanced practice.  Simple chants and sounds will also be used along with breathing exercises to integrate the body with the mind.  This classwill be good for a beginning yoga student as well as someone who would like to deepen their practice.

SHANTI VINYASA  A different class each week with variations on a theme.  A dynamic, yet healing practice that integrates mind, body and breath with a meditative flow.  The Shanti Vinyasa class is liberating and a creative dance between breath and movement offering participants an invigorating and enlivening tool towards finding your true self, bliss and boundless well-being,  All levels.

ASHTANGA ELELMENTS  The Elements class will be taught with a contemporary style, building the basic fundamentals of an Ashtanga practice which prepares you for the primary series classes. Elements is a playful exploration of your body using a series of flowing postures based on Ashtanga yoga.  It contains elements of traditional Ashtanga yoga while allowing room for experimentation, variety, special instruction and time for injuries.  You will build strength, movement coordination, body integration and flexibility.  The class also develops a relationship of meditative awareness between the body and mind to help you experience a deeper level of yourself.  Whether you wish to take your existing yoga practice to a new level or are just beginning your journey of self discovery in yoga, this class is perfect for you.  All levels. 

MYSORE STYLE PRACTICE The most intimate, personal and developed way of practicing yoga is also the most traditional, time-honored and historic method. In this special class, you learn to take individual responsibility for your yoga practice and develop a deep trusting relationship with your teacher. It is perhaps the only way that the more advanced asanas or postures can be learned safely, with proper skill and dedication. By committing yourself fully to one yoga style, one teaching method and a regular practice, you open the door to deeper levels of your body, mind and spirit.In the space between the teacher and the student, learning happens. In the Mysore style method of practice, you have the unique opportunity to experience this level.  This self practice or ‘Mysore’ style empowers the student. A student left to their own devices will usually plateau and slack off. Only the super dedicated or disciplined avoid this. But typically the ‘mysore’ style is self practice with the teacher present, adjusting when needed, advising as necessary, and advancing to the next asana when ready. With this the student graduates from being dependent on the commands of the teacher to now working within under the watchful eye of the teacher.
Mysore first-timers: Registration ends at 5:30 pm, please arrive before that.
No Mysore classes on New and Full moon.50 – 50  A delightful mix of the first 2 series – about 1/2 primary and 1/2 second series.  Student must be confident with the primary series-standing and closing sequences are a must.  Most of the focus in this class is the 2nd series.  None of the primary, standing or closing is led verbal.  If any questions inquire before coming to class.    

OPEN STUDIO   Do the practice of your choice for the length of time you choose/no instruction.  Please honor the code of a silent studio while others are practicing.

SHANTI CHILDRENS YOGA  In the 45 minute class we will explore factes of yoga  which familiarize the child with a beginning yoga practice they can then carry throughout their life.  The asana will bring awareness of the body and increase muscular coodination, maintain flexibilitym good health and calm the mind.  During a yoga class the kids stretch, jump, twist, balance and bend, learn to flexible and be upsidedown and rest.  We foster an atmosphere on non-competiveness and self acceptance on and off the mat.  Kids pay attention to how their bodies move finding it fun to try different oises tha develop focus and self awareness.  Ages 5-10.

SHAKTI VINYASA  This Shakti class will be a brisk vinyasa class, the asana will be called but there will be a minimum of verbal instruction as to how to do various postures.  A comprehensive yoga class that will both transform and invigorate your daily pracitce, while at the same time grounding and leading the student inward on an exploration of the deeper spiritual aspects of the self.  Students must know sun salutations, basic asana and be comfortable with the inversions:  headstands-handstands, backbends and assorted arm balances.Shakti is a Sanskrit word meaning the sacred, creative, transformational energy in all of us.  Shakti is responsible for creation and change within us and our universe.

BELLYFIT  BellyFit is a fitness system derived from wellness. The focus is on the core, the center of the body. By strengthening the core you support your movements to be grounded and controlled. Join us for a danceable workout with a yoga twist! Please wear clothing that allows you to move freely and comfortably. Bring a water bottle. Yoga mats are available for first time use only, please. For more information: