The days are getting shorter which means it is nearly time for the 2017 Winter Solstice and likewise, the Raven Yoga Shala  traditional 108 Sun Salutations.  This is an exciting opportunity ~  the graceful opening of your body and mind on this day honoring and discovering joyful light everywhere and an experience of equanimous  peace.  Clarity of winter light slowly washes the everlasting dark of autumn from your spirit – how this new light refreshes and renews your energetic passion is an individual creative endeavor.
The date for Winter Solstice and the 108 is Thursday, December 21 at noon until about 1:45 pm.  These salutations are a full spectrum movement on the meditation of the glorious longer light days of the winter season –  come fully hydrated and prepared for inspiring salutation style movement for about an hour.  After the salutations and moments of rest, the celebration continues as we share conversation, stories and plentiful sugar and spice, naughty and nice refreshments.

Sign up now by a return email or at the studio, space is limited so signing up early is always advised.  Karma donation, $5.00 ~ thank you!



RAVEN YOGA SHALA * 418 Harris Street #320 * Juneau, AK  99801 ~ Stop by the studio any time for a look at this comfortable and energizing space…