Additional Class Information

*  Wear comfortable clothing.  Less is better, nothing too baggy.


 *  Arrive on an empty stomach, it is best not to eat 2-3 hours before class.


 *  No perfume or jewelry, please.        


*  Drink, drink, drink plenty of water before class, continued hydration

    throughout the day prepares you for the class.


 *  Bring a towel.  There is an emphasis on detoxifying through perspiration.


 *  Arrive 10 minutes early. Classes start on time.  If you need to leave early, inform your instructor before class. 


*  Mats are available for use free to new students; (please CLEAN after use)  bringing your own mat is requested, it is your space.




All 4 and  8-week class cards must be used up in allotted time-frame. If you fail to use up all your classes, you may “roll” the remaining classes over by buying a new class card/all these classes must then be used within the 4 or 8 week period.

A class consists of a minimum of 2 students.

Inclement weather may result in a cancelled class.  An email will be sent when possible (this may be short notice during the winter/basically blizzards and non-driving situations).