Aerial Borealis

Announcing a new addition to Raven Yoga Shala -AERIAL YOGA. Join us for these exciting classes as we strengthen and open our bodies and minds to new heights of confidence and awareness. AERIAL YOGA/FLY is offered on Monday 5:20 pm – advance register to attend. Foundations classes or previous Aerial Yoga class attendance is a prerequisite to attend Mondays class. The AERIAL YOGA – Foundations Series will be offered again in February 2018 on Wednesdays – 7, 14. 21, 28

 AERIAL YOGA is exercise that merges traditional yoga and aerial arts/fitness creating an integrated practice using soft fabric hammock/sling as support to your body in performing various  aerial adaptations of yoga poses.

Aerial yoga is a relatively new method of yoga that uses an aerial hammock, or “swing,” to help the practitioner achieve various poses and sequences in traditional yoga.

By relieving 20-80% of body weight, the hammock allows students to rapidly increase their flexibility while improving balance and core strength. In doing so, students are able to reach more advanced yoga poses, like inversions, offering improvements in health and vitality in a short amount of time. In addition to the benefits of yoga, this methodology incorporates the hammocks in “wraps” that gently massage and stimulate various acupressure meridians of the body. One of the wraps specifically massages the lymph nodes, facilitating powerful detoxifying effects.

A 6 month consistent  ie daily yoga practice is required to attend aerial yoga classes. This is NOT beginning yoga.

Studio Attire   All aerial classes:  remove all jewelry, as these can damage the fabric of the hammocks. We recommend clients wear comfortable form fitting clothing, in lightweight and breathable fabrics. Loose clothing can ride up and get tangled in the hammocks. Please wear a short or long sleeve  form fit shirt, long athletic tights or crops are preferred. Do not wear shorts or sport bra tops.  Because the silk has some slip to it, avoid slippery fabric apparel. We ask that you be mindful of others in class in regards to their dress and appearance. Finger/toenails must be short and filed. No perfume or body oils and deodorant is a must. Do not chew gum during class, and especially not during inversions.

Class Arrival  Due to required hammock adjustments, late arrivals are disruptive to the flow of class and disrespectful to students who arrive on time. Students must arrive to class on time, as late students will be denied entry to class and charged as if they had attended. You are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start to adjust the hammock height.

Liability Waivers  All clients must sign a waiver prior to attending class. Parents or legal guardians must sign a waiver for all clients under the age of 18.

Fees  Due to limited space all aerial yoga classes require clients to reserve and purchase their class or classes/minimum 3 day advance,  No exceptions. No refund for missed or late to class.(late is after the start time- there is no grace period.)

Single class rate is $16   

Class card: 4 card pass is $56.


Foundations  to Aerial Yoga

This is a required series to familiarize you with aerial foundations/basics. During the Foundations of Aerial Yoga class, new students will begin to familiarize themselves with the basics of aerial yoga by using the hammock in a variety of different ways. If you’re new to aerial yoga, you’ll find yourself quickly gaining confidence as you learn how to safely get into and out of various poses. By slowly-but-surely gaining trust in your own abilities, the Foundations experience is exactly what you need to begin building the bedrock for an aerial yoga practice.  Because it focuses primarily on the building blocks of aerial yoga, it also makes for an incredibly rewarding hour of fitness. Aside from learning how to execute your first aerial flip, for instance, you’ll also complete several inversions during a Foundations class. You’ll build core and arm strength, and you may even learn a trick or two, all while uncovering a new-found love for aerial yoga. All students should begin their aerial journey at Raven with a Foundations Series class. This class is great for students of most  fitness or flexibility level. The Introduction workshop series is required to attend other Aerial Yoga Classes and may be repeated as many times as desired.  Sign up Now for this basic  4 week class.  A 6 month consistent  ie daily yoga practice is required to attend aerial yoga classes. This is NOT beginning yoga.