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Class Rates


1 hour classes    

Drop-in                                                                                                      $12.00

4 class pass (45 day expiration)                                                         $38.85

8 class pass (90 day expiration)                                                         $73.50

Yogapolitan Month pass Unlimited     until 4/15                           $84.00

1.5 + hour classes

Primary class                                                                                            $15.75

4 class pass (30 day expiration)                                                         $60.00           

8 class pass (60 day expiration)                                                         $108.00

NEW! MYSORE class                                                                             $15.75

MYSORE 8 pass                                                                                       $108.00        


Unlimited Monthly Passes                                        

1 month pass  (30 days)                                                                            $115

3 month pass   (90 days)                                                                          $280



Prices include tax


All 4 and  8-week class cards must be used up in allotted time-frame. If you fail to use up all your classes, you may “roll” the remaining classes over by buying a new class card/all these classes must then be used within the 4 or 8 week period.  Cash or check transaction.  Please pay before class – non payment is a $3 fee for each class attended.

Class cards, monthly, three month passes are non-refundable and cannot be extended or “frozen” or shared.  All fees and schedules are subject to change without notice – 4  Class Cards are absolutely non-extendable.

Workshop and special session prices vary, please refer to the announcement for the cost of the specific program.